This is Forward Bound, home of career coach and trainer Sarah Dawrant.

Who is Sarah?

Hello, I’m Sarah. Originally from Canada, I spent my 20s miserable at work.

As a certified coach and licensed career coach, I've been coaching for almost a decade and have worked with hundreds of career-changers. I lead workshops for the UK's longest running career-change company - perhaps that's how you first found me.


What I do

Life is far too short to be in a job that is sucking the life out of you.

Together, we'll figure out what you are best at, what matters most to you, what energises you, what the world most needs from you, and what will allow you to still pay the mortgage. I don't give advice though; I help you find your own answers. There’s no magic formula, it doesn't happen over night, it's not inexpensive... and it definitely works.


Just so you know...

To ensure that I always give clients the best of my focus I work with a limited number of people at any one time. Right now I am fully booked, but as soon as I can I'll open up the contact form again to take on new clients, so check back soon for updates.